Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Punching Bosses

I have a tendency to forget about exciting things I've planned or ideas I think can go places because I have far too many things floating around my head at the same time. Recently I was reminded of my attempts at this blog after our guild leader created a tumblr for the things that happen in our guild chat -- which if you haven't seen, is definitely worth a look. There's a reason why I love talking to these guys every day.

Anyway: let's talk a little bit about what's happened with Spin between now and then:

- We beat the Lich King (hooray!)
- We all got bored and started playing Minecraft
- Cataclysm came out and we all started playing WoW again
- We created a new guild website after we started seeing an influx of recruits

Currently, we're 9/12 on the raid bosses -- and for a guild that only does progression raids twice a week, I don't call that half-bad. Overall, we're pretty pleased with our progress. There are plenty of guilds who are ahead of us with raid content, but that's fine; we've never really been a guild to push for heroic content, and usually what's more important to us is that we're having a good time. Our raid team is bad about hating their way through bosses.

There's been a lot of complaints from the community at large about raiding content, but I've been finding the fights very engaging. I can only remember a few bosses in Lich King where the DPS actually had a role to play other than "hit stuff as hard as you can." The level of engagement that's required has kept me interested, and I think most of our raid team can agree with that. There are some hate bosses (Atramedes was particularly rough for us since we have such a melee-heavy raid composition), but I think there's actually more hate trash than hate bosses.

Oh, the hate trash. Anyway.

This week we've been punching our way through Cho'gall, bringing him down consistently to about 45%; computer issues with our main tank brought us to a halt this week, but I expect we'll smack that boss down next week.

Meanwhile, I'm back to hating my way through Deepholm to finish leveling my bear tank. Someday..